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Air AGR Forms Section

Standard From 52 Request for Personnel Action, Vacancy Announcement
NGB Form 34-1 Application for AGR Position
ANG Form 336 Request for Orders
ANG Form 336 Instructions Guidance on form completion
20yr TAFMS ETP Exception to policy template
Non Eligibility Statement Required statement within AGR applications
AF Form 707 Officer Promotion Report
AF Form 724 Officer Feedback Form
AF Form 910 Enlisted Performance Report Form (AB-TSgt)**
AF Form 911 Enlisted Performance Report Form (MSgt-CMSgt)**
**Note: enlisted reports, leave SRID block blank
AF Form 931 Enlisted Feedback Form (AB-TSgt)
AF Form 932 Enlisted Feedback Form (MSgt-CMSgt)

For any questions or further information email CMSgt Rod Elson, at Commercial (208) 422-3344 or DSN 422-3344 or LTC Judy Knoelk, Deputy, Human Resource Officer at (208) 272-3809,

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