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Technician Job Application: Please visit USAJOBS to complete. Link can be found on Job Opportunities page.
Air AGR Forms, Memorandums, and Regulations
NGB 34-1 Application for AGR Position
Non-Eligibility Memo Non-Eligibility for Federal Retirement Annuity
NGB 336 ANG 336 Orders Request EXAMPLE
AGR Handbook IDANG AGR Supervisor's Handbook
AGR Resignation AGR Resignation Letter
AGR Retirement AGR Retirement Checklist
Permissive TDY AGR Permissive TDY Request
ANGI 36-101 Air National Guard Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program
AFOCD Air Force Officer Classification Directory
AFECD Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory
Tech to AGR Tech to AGR MOU
Tech to AGR Tech to AGR Reduction in Grade
Army FTNGD Job Application Packet
FTNGD Checklist FTNGD Checklist Aug 2023
DA Form 4187 ADOS 4187
DA Form 1058 ADOS Application
DA Form 4856 ADOS Counseling
DD Form 2807-1 Report of Medical History
DA Form 5960 DA 5960
Army AGR Application Forms - Checklist
AGR App Checklist AGR / OTOT Checklist 2020
DD Form 369 Police Record Check
NGB 34-1 Application for AGR Position (Army and Air)
34-1 Supplement Supplement to Application for AGR Position (Army)
Biographical Sketch Format
State Job Application Forms
  State of Idaho, Military Division Veterans Preference Form
  Equal Employment Opportunity Information
State Personnel Forms
SBP Form 7 Request for State Personnel/Position Action
SBP Form 17R State Employee Performance Appraisal Form
IMD Form 18R Recommendation for Incentive Award
  Arduous Work Capacity Test (WCT) Form
  State Awards Checklist
  Security Patrol - OCTC “Physical Fitness/Agility Test (PAT) Form
Employee - Request for Personnel Action
SF 52 Drop Box -
See Supervisor Toolbox for Template and Instructions
Manpower and Classification
15-001a Request for Superior Qualification Appointment
15-001b Nomination/Justification of Superior Qualification
Position Review
NGB 32 Awards Nomination Form
Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Make-Up Contribution Request Form
Request for Retroactive Thrift Savings Plan Contributions
Army Mass Transportation Benefits Form
ACHD Commuteride Brochure
Employee Leave Forms
OPM 630
Application to Become a Leave Recipient
OPM 630-A Leave Donation - (Inside Agency)
OPM 630-B Leave Donation Form - (Outside Agency)
AGO Form 87 Request for Official Time
Work Schedule Change Form (ARNG)
Work Schedule Change Instructions
Training Forms
NGB Form 650 Individual Development Plan
SF 182 Request, Authorization, Agreement, Certification of Training and Reimbursement
SF 182 Example
Request for Special Conveyance
OWCP Forms
CA-16 Authorization for Examination And/Or Treatment (Contact HRO)
CA-17 Duty Status Report
Employee - Grievance Forms
Union Grievance Form

EEO/EO Forms
CBNGI 9601.01 National Guard Discrimination Complaint Process
NGB Form 333 Formal Disrimination Complaint in the National Guard
Reference Guide MEO Quick Reference Guide
CNGBN 9600 National Guard Military Discrimination Complaint SystemState NG Civilian EEO Complaint Processing & Reporting Guidance
Complaint Procedures Federal EEO Complaint Processing Procedures
Flow Chart EEO Complaint Flow Chart


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SF-52 and Technician Forms
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OWCP Forms
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EEO/EO Forms
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Training Forms
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Leave Forms
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