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Title 5 Vacancies - Staffing - (208) 422-3343
19-145 Fire Chief (124 CES) GS-12 Boise, ID 13 June 2019
19-151 IT Specialist (PLCYPLN) (124 CMN FLT) GS-11 Boise, ID 26 June 2019
Title 32 - Army Technician Vacancies - Staffing - (208) 422-3343
19-122 Surface Maintenance Mechanic (FMS 5) (EXTENDED) WG-10 Pocatello, ID 03 July 2019

Surface Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor (CSMS)


WS-11 Boise, ID 03 July 2019
19-131 Human Resources Assistant (Military) (G1) GS-07 Boise, ID 12 July 2019
19-098 Production Controller (RTI) (EXTENDED) GS-09 Boise, ID 14 June 2019
19-137 Surface Maintenance Mechanic (RTI) WG-11 Boise, ID 09 July 2019
19-144 Aircraft Pilot (AASF) GS-12 Boise, ID 19 June 2019
19-139 Production Controller (MATES) GS-07 Boise, ID 10 July 2019
19-148 Supervisory Aircraft Pilot (AASF) GS-14 Boise, ID 19 June 2019
19-150 Aircraft Mechanic (AASF) WG-10 Boise, ID 20 June 2019
Title 32 - Air Technician Vacancies - Staffing - (208) 422-3343
19-143 Aircraft Technician (124 MXS) WG-11 Boise, ID 20 June 2019
19-146 Human Resources Specialist (Military) (124 FSS) GS-09 Boise, ID 12 July 2019
19-147 Human Resources Specialist (Military) (124 FSS) GS-09 Boise, ID 12 July 2019
19-153 Administrative Assistant (IDANG HQ) GS-07 Boise, ID 19 June 2019
19-154 Vice Air Commander (124 FW) GS-14 Boise, ID 24 June 2019
Army AGR Vacancies - AGR Manager Assistant- (208) 272-4214




Army ADOS Vacancies - AGR Manager Assistant- (208) 272-4214
Air AGR Vacancies - AGR Manager - (208) 422-3344
19-43 Operations Officer (266 RANS) O-4 Mtn Home, ID 27 June 2019
19-44 Administrative Assistant (JFHQ) E-7 Boise, ID 19 June 2019
19-45 Vice Wing Commander (124 FW) O-6 Boise, ID 24 June 2019
State Vacancies - State Human Resource Office- (208) 801-4271/4272/4270
19-29-MN Maintenance Mechanic (Plumbing) (124 CES) NGA-8 Boise, ID 16 July 2019
19-30-MN Carpenter-Cabinetmaker (124 CES) NGA-8 Boise, ID 16 July 2019

HVAC/Refrigeration Mechanic (Journeyman) (124 CES) (EXTENDED)

NGA-9 Boise, ID 27 June 2019
19-32-MN Firefighter Driver-Operator (124 CES-CEF) NGA-6F/5F Boise, ID 16 July 2019

Firefighter Driver-Operator (OCTC) ***Multiple positions***

NGA-6F/5F Boise, ID 16 July 2019
19-34-MN/MW Engineering Technician (CFMO) NGA-9 Boise, ID 16 July 2019

Tool and Parts Attendant (CFMO)

NGA-6 Boise, ID 16 July 2019
19-36-MN/MW Assistant Production Controller (CFMO) NGA-7 Boise, ID 16 July 2019

Visual Information Specialist (G6)

NGA-11 Boise, ID 16 July 2019
19-38-N IT Software Engineer (Website Development & Programming) (IT Services Office) NGA-12 Boise, ID 20 June 2019

Environmental Sustainment and Training Specialist (CFMO-EMO)

NGA-11 Boise, ID 16 July 2019
  Closed State Vacancy Announcements - Pending Referral/Interviews/Selection      
19-27-MN/MW HVAC/Refrigeration Mechanic (Journeyman) (OCTC) NGA-9 Boise, ID Announcement closed. Register of Candidates (19-27-MW) forwarded to Selecting Official for interviews.



Contract/Other Position Opportunities
Northrop Grumman AAR Tech/Team Lead for Mission Training Center (Requisition ID: 14002169); Computer Systems Analyst (Requisition ID: 14002180); Network Communications Analyst (Requisition ID: 14002174)   Boise, ID  

Sloan Security Group, Inc.

An award-winning, family-owned, high-security integration and specialty construction company offering jobs in Boise, Idaho.      


  Hire Heroes USA (Idaho Division)      
CompuNet, INC. Career Search Link      
Mt. Adams Institute -VetsWork Job/Internship Opportunity -
  VetsWork AmeriCorps Internship Program Flyer      
  Current Open 2015 Positions as of Sept. '14      
  UNF Conservation Ed & Wilderness Assist. - 2014-09-21      


  NMS Application
  LEDS Form      

Employment Partners; Job Search Resources - (208) 272-3345 (to add your job)


Heartland RV Click here for jobs at Heatland RV      

Bureau of Reclamation

Geotechnical Drill Crew Laborer, $18.54/hr.



US Citizens & VRA Appointees Only. For eligibility see:

Sunwest Bank




Wyakin Warrior Foundation




University of Idaho

U of I Opportunities and Announcements:




Get Skills To Work

Veterans Resources, Opportunities, and Announcements:




Action Couriers



Minimum 21 years of age due to insurance requirements.

Ada County





Ada County Sheriff's Office





AlliedBarton Security Services





Commercial Tire





Cummins Rocky Mountain










Idaho Division of Veterans Services



Idaho Power





IAP Worldwide Services





Idaho State Police

The Idaho State Police conducts Peace Officer Standards Training (POST) multiple times each year.



MDU Resources Group, Inc. 









Northcom Inc.




Sloan Security Group




State of Idaho




Syringa Networks




Tanager, Inc.




Terry Reilly Health Services




VOLT Military Heroes Program




Wind Energy Education & Career Opportunities




Veteran's Transportation Career Center




Vets to Cops Program




Human Resources Association of the Treasure Valley (HRATV)






Hero to Hired (H2H) Program




Announcement closed. Pending review by Human Resources.

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