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Idaho Military Division Policy Letters
Pending Update  Dress & Personal Appearance of IMD Personnel 2018
National Guard Bureau (NGB) Policy Letters
Temporary Promotions of National Guard Employees (05 JUN 24)
Supplemental Policy to CNGB Instruction-Technician Absence and Leave Program
Pending Update Policy for Placing Technicians on Light Duty
J1-P-2023-001 National Guard Accelerated Hiring Authority of Certain Shortage/ Critical Needs Positions
Idaho TAG Policy Letters
Pending Update Telework Program Policy (2020)
Telework Program - Exceptions for COVID-19 (20 MAR 20)
Pending Update Alcohol Use Policy
Pending Update Physical Fitness Program 2019
Physical Fitness Leave Process
Alternate Location Justification Memo
Pending Update Delegation of Approval Authority for Compensatory Time during Furlough
Pending Update Joint Diversity Policy (MAR 17)
Pending Update Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (2015)
Pending Update Holiday Party Guidelines
Pending Update Holiday Leave Policy
Idaho ARNG COS Policy Letters
Pending Update Policy to Request Special Conveyance or POC
Pending Update Special Conveyance Attachment - Word Document
Idaho USPFO Policy Letters
Personal Travel and Leave in Conjunction with Official Travel
Technician Memorandums and Policy Letters
Pending Update Processing Personnel Actions
Pending Update Federal Technician Military Leave
HR-001 Superior Qualifications Appointment - 31 Mar 2023
HR-001 Appendix A ID HRO Form 001 Appendix A
HR-001 Appendix B ID HRO Form 001 Appendix B
HR-002 Federal Civilian Personnel Awards - 22 Feb 2024 (Army & Air)
Pending Update Loss of Military Membership
Pending Update Approval Requests for Compensatory Time during Furlough
HR-004 Expiration of USERRA Protection
HR-005 Use of Federal Employees Counseling Form
HR-005 Annex A IDNG HR Form 5, Apr 2024
Pending Update Benefit Elections
Pending Update Federal Technician Absence for Military Duty Policy Change
Pending Update
Technician Voluntary Leave Program
HR-009 Presidential Leave for Technicians Returning From AD
HR-010 SF-182 Submission Policy Letter (Training-Travel)
HR-010 Annex A SF 182 Authorization Agreement & Certification of Training
HR-010 Annex B SF 182 Examples & Explanations
HR-011 Federal Employee Leave Transfer Program
HR-011 Annex A OPM 630
HR-011 Annex B OPM 630a
HR-011 Annex C OPM 630b
HR-012 Employee Verification Tool
Pending Update Transition Between Non-Permanent Technician Employment and Incapacitation (INCAP) Status
Pending Update Voluntary Loss of Military Membership
Pending Update New FERS Sick Leave Policy
Pending Update Command-Referred Employee Assistance Program Alcohol Abuse Policy
HR-014 Federal Employee Work Schedule
HR-015 Mass Transportation Fringe Benefit Program
HR-016 Military Deposit Policy
Pending Update Desk Audit Policy
HR-018 Supervisory & Management Employee Probation Period
HR-019 NG PEC IDARNG & Federal Technician Travel Guidance
HR-020 IMD Reasonable Accommodation Program
Technician Miscellaneous Memorandums and Policy Letters
Pending Update Recruitment, Relocation and Retention (3R) Incentives Policy
Pending Update Temp Technician Info Paper for 1 Year or More
Pending Update Butterbaugh Claims
Pending Update  Checked Baggage Policy
Pending Update TSP H.R. 1256 Act - TSP Changes
Pending Update  Weingarten and Representation Rights
AGR Memorandums and Policy Letters
Pending Update State Active Duty (SAD)
Pending Update AGR Command Leadership Tour (Aug 07)
Pending Update Officer and NCO Promotions (Aug07)
Pending Update AGR Deploymnent Policy (Aug 07)
Pending Update Full-Time National Guard Duty (FTNGD) and Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) (Apr 11)
Pending Update Updates to the Army National Guard (ARNG) Enlisted Promotion System (EPS)
Pending Update AGR Retirement Age 60
Pending Update

Active Service Obligation for Active Guard Reserve Soldiers Attending Military Schools

EEO Memorandums and Policy Letters
Pending Update IMD Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy (2022)
Pending Update IMD Equal Employment Opportunity & Equal Opportunity Policy (2022)
Pending Update IMD Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) Policy (2019)
Pending Update IMD Workplace Violence Policy (2022)
Pending Update IMD Professional Workplace Environment Policy (2022)
Pending Update Joint Diversity Policy (2020)


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