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Technician - Regulations and Publications
National Guard Bureau Instructions
Pending Update General
Pending Update Supervisor's Work Folder
IDNG MPP Merit Promotion/Placement Plan - 2018 (incl. RR2 MFR, March 2023)
Pending Update Performance Management
Pending Update Environmental Differential and Hazard Pay (EDP) Plan
Pending Update Leave
Pending Update National Guard Technician and Civilian Personnel Discipline and Adverse Action Program
Pending Update Technician Conduct
Pending Update Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Pending Update Workers Compensation
ID-CBA Idaho Collective Bargaining Agreement - 2019
Army and Air AGR - Regulations and Publications
ANGI 36-101 The Active Guard/Reserve Program
Pending Update ANGI 36-101Sup1 The Active Guard/Reserve Program
DAFI 36-2110 Total Force Assignments 
State - Regulations and Publications
Pending Update

IMD 3, State Employee Personnel Regulations (9 May 2014) (Supersedes HQ IDNG (ARNG) 690-200, HQ IDNGI (ANG) 36-501, HQ IDNG (STATE) 3 )

Pending Update Incentive Awards
Pending Update HQ IDNG (ARNG) 690-200, HQ IDNGI (ANG) 36-501, HQ IDNG (STATE) 3 - 1 FEB 2001
Pending Update Change 2 - HQ IDNG (ARNG) 690-200, HQ IDNGI (ANG) 36-501, HQ IDNG (STATE) 3 - 10 JUN 2003
Pending Update Change 3 - HQ IDNG (ARNG) 690-200, HQ IDNGI (ANG) 36-501, HQ IDNG (STATE) 3 - 29 MAR 2004


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