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(restricted to ".mil" domains)

Civilian Employees & Supervisors

Your My Biz and My Workplace account has already been established and you will be provided with initial login instructions from your servicing Civilian Personnel Flight/Human Resources Office on how to access your respective responsibilities.

Employee's questions regarding their personal information in My Biz/My Workplace should be directed to the servicing section:

• Position information (current/historical)
Classification @ext 272-4221/DSN 422-4221     
• Salary information
Staffing @ ext 272-4220/DSN 422-4220
• Appraisal and Awards information
ERS @ ext 272-4224/DSN 422-4224
• Personnel or Benefits
ERS @ ext 272-4224/DSN 422-4224
• Appointment information
Staffing @ ext 272-4220/DSN 422-4220
• Login Problems
PSM @ ext 272-4229/DSN 422-4229
Personnelist (HR Professionals)
All Professional Users (those with normal Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) access) have the My Biz responsibility assigned to their regular account.

Professional Users will see the My Biz responsibility when they sign in to DCPDS.  Once they click on the My Biz responsibility, they will then access their My Biz Account as do all others.


For additional information please see below -

Note: Please review the information below for further instructions regarding MyBiz and My Workplace.

for Civilian Employees           

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"My Biz" is an exciting new Self-Service HR module that brings information from employees’ official personnel records to their workstations, on-line, real-time and secure (restricted to ".mil" domains).


Use My Biz to access and view information about:


You may also use My Biz to update:

  • Education Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Ethnicity and Race Category
  • Handicap Code
  • Language Information
  • Work Information
    • Work Email Address

    • Employee Phone Number

    • Physical Work Address

My Biz is the future of your personal information and now, you’re the most important part.


Last updated: 5 Apr 2009

for Managers and Supervisors

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"My Workplace" is a web-based self-service HR module that allows managers and supervisors access to information about their staff members.  My Workplace allows managers and supervisors to:

·    View your employees' personnel information from your  workstation (restricted to ".mil" domains)

·     Establish performance plans

·     Provide feedback and appraise employee performance

Once you login to the system, you will be prompted to select a responsibility.  As a manager or supervisor, you will select My Workplace.

My Workplace Home Page:

  • All Actions Awaiting Your Attention
  • My Employee Information