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MyBiz - My Workplace Login Instructions


My Biz allows employees on-line access to view information from their official personnel records including appointment, position, personal, salary, benefits, awards and bonuses, performance and personnel actions.  In addition, employees can update their work telephone number, email address, handicap codes, ethnicity and race identification, foreign language proficiency and emergency contact information.


My Workplace brings key information about personnel together in one place for supervisors.  My Workplace keeps supervisors informed about their employees’ personnel actions. This tool is used to generate and maintain performance plans.


How to:

  • Logon


Once the registration process is complete, HR/My Biz/My Workplace users will access their HR/My Biz/My Workplace applications via the DCPDS Portal. If you cannot complete your registration due to errors, contact your organization’s Help Desk (see Contact List section under the Reporting Problems on the DCPDS Portal page).



1. Begin at the DCPDS Portal page:

Note:  Ensure that your Common Access Card (CAC) is inserted into your CAC reader.

2. Select the CAC Registration button in the CAC Access region.

3. Select your non-email certificate at the Choose a Digital Certificate screen.

4. Select the OK button.

Note:  Always select the non-email certificate.

5. Enter your PIN (if requested) and select the OK button. The DCPDS CAC Registration screen displays with your CAC Username.

6. Enter the following in the CAC Registration region of the screen.

    • a. Social Security Number (SSN)/Local National (LN) Employee ID.  (Use hyphens if applicable)
    • b. Confirm your SSN/Local National (LN) Employee ID. (Use hyphens if applicable)

7. Select the Register button.  After selecting the Register button, the Validating Your HR/My   Biz/My Workplace Database Information screen displays.

8. Enter your HR/My Biz/My Workplace Username. "This is your Social Security Number (SSN) again" (Use hyphens if applicable)

9. Confirm your HR/My Biz/My Workplace Username. "This is your Social Security Number (SSN) again" (Use hyphens if applicable)

10. Select the Submit button.                                                                                                                                                                                11. Select the continue button.

    • If your username is validated on only one database, you will automatically access your HR/My Biz/My Workplace application.        Select MyBiz or My Workplace to continue.
    • Click My Information Link and then click accept. (This is to view your personal information)
    • Click Update My  Information and then click accept. (This is to update certain personnel information)


Note: It is important that you go to the Update My Information link and update your work e-mail with your actual military e-mail. This is how you and your supervisor will coordinate the appraisal process.  Also, reports will be sent to you through this process.