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 Idaho National Guard 
Human Resource Office


 Lt Col Kevin Dawkins "Human Resource Officer"


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(To call commercial use (208) DSN use 422)


Deputy Human Resource Officer

Employees Relations Branch


Deputy Human Resource Officer

Employee Relations Specialist

LTC  Henrik Fast  - 272-3809

CPT Jim Medwick - 272-4224 (Deployed)

HRO Budget Review, Evaluation and Analysis

Mrs. Gayle Hinrichs - 272-4224

Budget Builder Program Manager

Employees Assistance Program


Workers' Compensation Program

Classification Specialist

Employees Benefit/Entitlement

TSgt Yvonne Hopper - 272-4221

Performance Mgmt & Awards Program

Environmental Differential/Hazardous Pay


Full-Time SPMD Position Management

Human Resource Specialist (Retirements)

Position Classification Guidance

MSgt Jeffrey Guzi - 272-4225

Desk Audits

Federal Technician Retirements

Federal Technician Position Descriptions  

Wage Development - Coordinator for Boise

Human Resource Assistant


Mrs. Pat Barth -  272-4223 

Staffing Specialist

Servicing last names beginning with: A - E

MSgt Leann Reid - 272-4220


Restoration/Re-Employment Rights

Human Resource Assistant

Recruiting, Announcing and Staffing Vacancies

SrA Melissa Loepp - 272-3780

Compatibility and Eligibility Servicing last names beginning with: F - K

Federal Pay Setting/Pay Scales


State Merit Placement Plan

Human Resource Assistant

  MSgt Jeffrey Guzi -  272-4225

ARNG AGR Manager

Servicing last names beginning with: L - Q

MSG Arlin Degroot - 272-4215


Manages ARNG AGR Program

Human Resource Assistant


SGT Jeff Renon - 272-4218

ARNG AGR Personnel Assistant Servicing last names beginning with: R - Z

SSG Chris Young- 272-4214 (Deployed)

SGT Jackie White- 272-4214  

AGR Staffing/Management


ADSW Packet Processing

Labor Relations Specialist


2d Lt Jennifer Davis - 272-3749

ARNG AGR Personnel Assistant

Performance Management

SPC Stephanie Tuckett - 272-4217

Labor Relations Specialist

AGR Staffing/Management

Labor/Management & Contract Issues

ADSW Packet Processing

Adverse Action/Disciplinary Actions


ANG AGR Manager

State Personnel Branch

SMSgt Mary Mckenna - 272-4228

 HR Supervisor Branch Chief

Air AGR Tour   
Air Orders Mrs. Paula Edmiston - 272-4236
Air AGR Issues

Maintain Merit Program


State Position Manager

Employee Development Specialist

State EEO Officer

SFC Becky Burkhart - 272-4226 (Deployed)

Personnel Regulations Maintenance
SGT Jeff Renon - 272-4226  

Technician Training Applications

State Personnel Assistant

Technician Travel Orders

Mrs. Davell Turner - 272-4237

Supervisory Training Coordinator

Employee Benefits Administration

Individual Development Plans (IDP)

Performance Appraisals


Salary Administration


Job Announcements


State Workers Compensation Claims


Human Resource Specialist (Information Management)

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

SMSgt Tracy Mortenson - 272-4229

Mrs. Gayle Hinrichs - 272-4210



DCPDS Database Manager & ADPE Monitor

Equal Employment Manager

HRO LAN  -  CSA Administrator

Affirmative Action Program Manager


Special Emphasis Program Coordinator

Human Resource Assistant

Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator

Mr. Roger Gleason - 272-4257


Budget Builder - ARNG Technician budget




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